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Awaken and align your company by learning your business. We're here to help your business thrive and to develop an excellent strategy. Includes but not limited;

*Business Start-up Intro

*Business Credit Intro

*Financial Freedom Chat

*Marketing Collaboration


The tools and strategies you need to know about your business are leveraging and capitalizing on different platforms. How to start a business(es) in one of the following industries:

* Credit Repair business

*Tax Business Partnership

* Leverage Business Credit with your LLC

* Wholesale on Investment Property

*Cleaning Business

* Travel Agency

* Rental car business with your vehicle

* Registered and Licensed Home Daycare

* Obtain your Director's to Own & Operate a Daycare Center

* Medicaid Provider Business

* Obtain TCM (Target Case Manager) Supervisor licenses

* eCommerce Vendor list with the faucet of businesses


Please send an email to within 24 hours to detail the nature of your consult, and once received, a questionnaire will be sent to organize our 1-hour session better.


*Disclaimer* the 1-hour session doesn't include all the above you will have to choose which one you're most interested in; if it's more than 1, say so in your questionnaire so it can be addressed with the combo price*

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