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Courses on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.



Presented by Queen Shakera. Wife, Mother, Investor, and Serial Mompreneur.

Personally, I know what it’s like to wake up and go to a dead end job. I’ve been self-employed for almost 5 years and counting. I own and operate several businesses. I understand the importance of having multiple streams of income, it’s a necessity!  Truth be told it hasn't been easy, however, I’d found a way to make 6 figure income while still being a Wife and Mother of 6.

The honest answer is I didn’t know if I could when I started. When I started out, I wanted to change something but everything seemed literally impossible.

 But once I started and finished one thing I thought was impossible, I kept wondering to myself,

“If I thought that was impossible and I somehow managed to do it, what other things that I consider impossible are actually doable?” Over time, the circle of limitations kept expanding and pretty soon instead of telling myself that I couldn’t do something, I started asking myself “why not?”

I got into the Airbnb business because I saw how it was profitable and without owning property. Yes, you heard exactly right! This business is passive income and going to sleep and waking up to income was a dream for me. I begin to network more and utilize my resources. I learned the game and it became a game changer for me immediately. I acquired my first unit Central Florida and profit more than $2500 a month from each unit after bills and expenses. I fell in love with the industry and began to expand out. I currently have more than 10 units in state, out state and in the Caribbean, and are still expanding.

I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons and helping others how to scale the legit way. In my course, you will leave with so much knowledge and on the way to acquiring your first unit immediately. 



What can you expect from a AirbnbWAVE class?

You'll Learn How To Create a Winning Airbnb Business and Generate a Second Income, Living a Better Life with Extra Money and More Freedom.


Are you ready to furnish your own unit?

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